Raw Materials
At Vilarinho, dedication to sustainable raw materials goes hand in hand with our commitment to producing high quality textiles. Working collaboratively with suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and adhere to recognized certification standards.


Yarn Dyeing
We work with a wide range of fibers including cotton, wool, silk, linen, hemp, lyocell, viscose and more. Our understanding of the unique properties of each fiber ensures that the dyeing process is optimized to achieve consistent and exceptional results.

Our dyeing process follows strict quality control measures in the laboratory, using a wide ranges of certified and sustainable chemical products.


To maintain uniformity and quality throughout our production process, we have established standard operating procedures for wire winding. These procedures cover many aspects including machine setup, preparation, tension control and yarn quality control. This way we have greater guarantee that we reach the desired specifications for the following steps.
With investments in state-of-the-art technology, the warping process has been simplified and optimized. Resulting in greater productivity, savings and quality assurance. Advanced computerized systems and automation playes a significant role in this transformation.

Sizing is extremely important for yarn resistance, as it strengthens the fibers and reduces friction. It is an essential process in the textile industry that helps to achieve the best results in the weaving process.


We at Vilarinho, are the perfect harmony of over 90 years of experience and continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies. Using advanced materials, sustainable practices and eco-friendly processes to ensure we make a positive contribution to the environment, we meet the growing demands of our customers.


We prioritize excellence in textile finishing, maintaining a strong commitment to certifications and sustainability. Textile finishing plays a crucial role in improving the feel, appearance, functionality and durability of fabrics.


Quality Control

We value quality in all the processes and products we offer. Our quality control standards are based on internationally recognized certifications, ensuring that we meet the expectations of our customers and partners.